Drawing a Straight Line

A little history

La Plaza de Paulo originally called Plaza Comunitaria Port Chester, began its services in October 2010 with only literacy. 

Our mission is that of an educational group that serves primarily the Port Chester community by promoting education in Spanish to all adults who are interested in continuing to learn. It aims to provide the necessary tools to be independent in all aspects of life.

Our vision is to empower the local adult community, with the learning of English, Spanish, computers, mathematics with the purpose of helping them to enter the labor market in better competitive conditions.


We intend to be a center that is enriched with the cultural diversity that the members themselves contribute and deliver to the place.


La Plaza Comunitaria had different locations until about 5 years ago it was installed at its current address, 22 Don Bosco place in Port Chester. We deeply thank Father Tim and Father Pat for their kindness and generosity in allowing us to use their facilities.

Two years ago we started the English program (ESL). The origin of this program is due to Julia, a student from the Sacred Heart School that wrote me an email asking to teach in La Plaza Comunitaria. At that time we did not have ESL classes and it seemed like a great opportunity to start these classes. The following year we had the support of another student.

In that same year we started computer classes.

We currently have 6 tutors and an online math program managed by a professor from the Tec. De Monterrey Campus Morelia, Mex.